Supercharged BMW V8 powered Nissan S14 – drifting insanity!

Supercharged BMW V8Supercharged BMW V8  powered Nissan S14 goes for one crazy drift ride.

It’s definitely safe to say that we’ve all seen a lot of swaps and variations and it seems like the Nissan S14 is likely to be the most abundant of them all. Thus, i thought that when it comes to this car, there’s pretty much nothing more that can sweep me off my feet. Of course, i am extremely happy to say that my assumption had been proven wrong.

Supercharged BMW V8  powered Nissan S14 destroying tires!

There is nothing as refreshing as seeing such a popular chassis done in such a classy but wild way.For all i can say, this beast of a car is on fire! Behind the wheel of it is Kostadin Patrikov, tearing up everything that comes in his way with an insane angle, including those poor tires of the S14. It’s time to enjoy the tire-smoke: