SYRMA, a hybrid supercar concept by IED and Quattroruote!


Syrma is a hybrid super car concept that was designed by IED (Instituto Europeo di Design). They are an institution that are focused on safety so the Italian motoring publication Quattroruote asked of them to design something epic and, as you can see, they did. This amazing car has a futuristic look, especially when you look at it from the behind – the high-mounted exhaust will blow your mind! There’s also a dorsal fin that may have been inspired by Le Mans. Just like the old McLaren F1, there’s seating for 3 people inside behind a “teardrop windscreen” that is intended to protect the cabin.

Under the hood of this thing lies a hybrid propulsion system: a V6 twin turbo, four-liter heat engine and an electric engine — when all combined, the result is an impressive 900 horsepower. While running on the electric engine, the car is completely silent. The concept car was created by 11 students as a part of their Masters thesis, and it was unveiled at the 2015 International Geneva Motor Show. Check it out!