T12 Massimo Tamburini – The most expensive bike in the world!!!

T12 MassimoT12 Massimo Tamburini , the all-new motorcycle that is to become part of the real world, seems to be the most expensive one until now. Of course, the case will be such if the price that we’ve found turns out to be the correct one.

Cutting to the chase, it appears that getting a new Tamburini T12 Massimo will cost one €300,000. That’s well above the limit considering the expenses when motorcycles are in question. In US dollars, that makes for a whopping $341,000 check that has to reach the makers of the T12 Massimo Tamburini before they start crafting it for you. If you’re not willing to pay the price before it’s done, then you should probably look for something else on the market.

T12 Massimo Tamburini – The most expensive bike in the world

The price of this thing – T12 Massimo is obviously immense. Just think about the MotoGP-derived Honda RC213V-S – one heck of a ride that costs “only” €200,000 ($227,500). Its numbers sound a bit funny when compared to the T12 Massimo – there is the difference.

We may not be MotoGP riders but, the odds are that the T12 is much faster, better and more enjoyable than the  RC213V-S. That Honda can produce 215 HP and that is if it’s equipped with the Race Kit. Nevertheless, the T12 Massimo is already at 230 HP bar. Thanks to the patented suspension that permits variation in the architecture of the bike, the T12 is like an actual premier class bike.

Now, back to the price issue, this monster is probably a machine that wasn’t meant for everyone as there aren’t many that can afford to ride it but, we’re glad to see that more than several units can be produces and that there is a price linked to it, no matter how high.

With the tag of being the most complex and extreme bike created by Massimo Tamburini, this is a machine that is already a cult one – check the T12 Massimo video below!.