Ralph Lauren’s 1938 BUGATTI COUPÉ 57SC ATLANTIC!

1938 BUGATTI Ralph Lauren’s 38 BUGATTI COUPÉ 57SC ATLANTIC! Ralph Lauren owns this stunning Bugatti 57SC Atlantic who is winning awards where ever it goes, including The World’s Most prestigious Car at the 2013 Villa d’Este Concours de Elegance! Ralph Lauren’s 1938 BUGATTI COUPÉ 57SC ATLANTIC! The beautiful coupe is designed by Jean Bugatti himself, and out of four, only two are still

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Picking Up Chicks With a Bugatti…SO EASY!!

Picking Up Chicks

 Picking Up Chicks Funny social experiment! So these guys decided to test random women, by asking them if they wanna hang out, or have something to eat, while they are leaning on a Bugatti Veyron, just to see if all women are gold diggers or maybe there are some keepers out there. So most of the girls when they see

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