1970 Cutlass – A mean-looking monster with a dangerous roar!

1970 Cutlass

1970 Cutlass is a car that experienced a great success. To be honest, it still does. While you will hardly find an original-looking one nowadays, you will surely get the chance to witness a masterpiece like this one. The 1970 Cutlass was available in seven body styles. Among the choices, the 1970 Cutlass was offered either as two-door hardtops or 4-door

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Toyota Supra does the burnout of your dreams!

This is what we call a top notch Toyota Supra. It’s fast, powerful, loud, and it carries that “I’m elegant but still a beast” aura with it. Anyway, this burnout was actually testing the ET Street tires that the Supra was equipped with. You have to admit that there is a difference! Power comes from 3.0 Liter Line-6 Twin-Turbo with

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