New DeLorean 2017 is on its way back to the future!

new delorean 2017

New DeLorean 2017 is on its way back to the future! No, the above pictured DeLorean concept will never be built. It is a nice concept, though, and we’d love to see it happening, but no. Thanks to the laws regarding vintage car replicas being exempt from national safety standards, we will finally get brand New DeLorean 2017. That’s right, the good

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Iconic movie cars that will be remembered forever!

most iconic movie cars

The most iconic movie cars of all times – epic movie cars! This is a Top 10 list of the most iconic movie cars, but since we are both movie fans and car lovers, the list of most iconic cars is too big to narrow it to ten. So, in that honor, we’ll mention few other cars that haven’t been

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$500K DeLorean pimped out by West Coast Customs!

DeLorean pimped out $500K DeLorean pimped_out by West Coast Customs! American rapper 2 Chainz doesn’t like the saying “more money, more problems”. For him, the more cash you have, the better. He is enjoying the most expensive things on the planet and in this episode, he visits West Coast Customs to admire some custom and very expensive toys. $500K DeLorean

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