Iconic movie cars that will be remembered forever!

most iconic movie cars

The most iconic movie cars of all times – epic movie cars! This is a Top 10 list of the most iconic movie cars, but since we are both movie fans and car lovers, the list of most iconic cars is too big to narrow it to ten. So, in that honor, we’ll mention few other cars that haven’t been

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2600 HP Ford Falcon – THE DIRTY BIRD!

2600 HP Ford Falcon

2600 HP Ford Falcon This 1968 Ford Falcon A.K.A The Dirty Bird is one of the badass drag racing cars i’ve ever seen. The Dirty Bird is powered by  7.4 liter Ford 449ci Small Block engine with twin 88mm turbos producing incredible 2600 Hp, and all of that power is connected to a Rossler two-speed transmission 2600 HP Ford Falcon – THE DIRTY BIRD! This

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