Lenco Bearcat, SWAT operations team’s armored vehicle!

Jay Leno, this time introducing Lenco Bearcat. A S.W.A.T team vehicle designed and manufactured by the Lenco Industries, a well known company which makes armored vehicles for government, military and law enforcement. BearCats are built to be used by the S.W.A.T. team in operations that are out of the capabilities of the regular police. This vehicle also known as ,,MedCat”

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The Jet Bike From Jay Leno’s Garage!!

This is one of Jay’s favorite vehicles, The Jet Bike. The Jet Bike is powered by a jet engine from a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. It’s about 350 Hp, 475 ft lbs of torque and weights 470 pounds! The bike is made out of carbon fiber including the wheels and has a rear view camera! Check out the start up, the engine

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Jay Leno’s famous private car collection!

Jay Leno There’s no need of introducing J. Leno. We know that he is a famous television host of various shows. He is also a big fan of beautiful rides. Jay Leno’s famous private car collection! He also has his own car collection… and agreed to show it to CNN. In the video he explains a little about the cars’ features,

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