Mark Lenardon LS1 – powered Rx-7 unleashed!

Mark Lenardon LS1! Unfortunately, awhile ago, the Motor Trend family lost a member. Mark Lenardon, a person that was all about building, shooting and driving cars, lost his life in a motorcycle accident. However, he left a RX-7 behind him. He planned to put an LS1 from a 1999 Camaro and a t56 under that hood and there was no way

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DEATH TRAP S2K fitted with an LS1!!!


DEATH TRAP S2K Crazy engine swaps aren’t something we haven’t seen or heard of, however, there are some that are reaching the top and this S2K is definitely among them. The S2000 taken straight out of the factory comes with 237 horse inline four cylinder is enough to make this car pretty fast. But, if dropping the 4 banger in a

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