The Slough Challenge at Brick’s Off-road Park!

Slough Challenge Brick’s off-road park is a muddy paradise for every all wheel drive vehicle! That’s exactly where the family is growing insane off-road events for any kind of off-road vehicle that wants to take part. From heavy monstrous trucks, ATVs, four-wheelers to dirt bikes and dune buggies – everything can be seen there! The Slough Challenge at Brick’s Off-road

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Top Truck Challenge! Dirty, Muddy, Extreme!

Top Truck Challenge

Top Truck Challenge The Four Wheeler magazine’s Top Truck Challenge is one of the hottest and dirtiest, muddiest events out there! It’s amazing how all of these monster trucks have all these different kinds of terrains, and obstacles to surpass. The competitors are selected by the Four Wheeler magazine readers and they come from Canada and the U.S. Believe me, these

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