1080° Wheelie for the first time ever in the Qatar Dunes!

1080° Wheelie

1080° Wheelie Sand Cars Unlimited together with CBM Motorsports build this insane Twin Turbo LSX buggy, putting out 1,600 horsepower and 1400 ft-lbs of torque.  The driver has some great skills as well as keeping this machine under control. Watch this sand rail demonstrate its insane torque as it does wheelie donuts on sand. With some proper weight distribution and huge paddle tires,

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Sand car doing a crazy WHEELIE! ON WATER!!!

Sand car Insane buggy doing an amazing wheelie… ON WATER!!! An insanely long wheelie requires two things: a good ride and a heroic heart. Here we have something for the vehicle acrobatics’ lovers. A good wheelie is hard to come by and they are usually associated with bicycles and motorcycles. This one is done with a sand buggy, but the best part

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