The Tannus Tire – No Tube, No Air, No Puncture!

Tannus TireTannus Tire

Nothing can ruin the mood quite like a tire puncture, which is why many companies have sought to produce solid tires. Unlike a pneumatic tire, where the air rushes to escape from all round the wheel, in the solid tires the damage doesn’t spread.

A South Korean company with a background in the shoe industry, invented a tire that might change the world. Is this the end of the road for bike punctures?

Tannus bike tires are a solid foam bike tires made from a very special Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin called “Aither”. Aither is a patented lightweight foam that looks similar to the material used in many lightweight sports shoes, but uses a special foaming technology that produces a very durable long lasting foam suitable for use as a bike tire.

The Tannus Tire – No Tube, No Air, No Puncture!

The Tannus bike tires can last from 6,000 to 10,000 miles.

For those riders who use their bicycles every day, as well as riders whose time only permit riding every once in a while, using Tannus tires can free you from the flat tires and air pressure checks.

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