Team Drift Motorsport NZ drifting the Ebisu Circuit in Japan!

team drift motorsportTeam Drift Motorsport NZ drifting the Ebisu Circuit in Japan!  Drift Motorsport was started in 2007 by Drew and Jodie. Drift Motorsport caters for experienced drivers right through to the absolute beginners. Unique in their relationship both on the track as “Team DMNZ” and off the track as a couple. They compete against each other in the Pro Level Drifting circuits around the globe.

Team Drift Motorsport NZ drifting the Ebisu Circuit in Japan!

Team Drift Motorsport has stayed true to its roots and provides drivers with maximum track time and the highest quality drift training days in New Zealand. Drift days are currently held throughout the north island on a monthly basis, where newcomers, photographers and spectators are welcomed.

During their stay in Ebisu, Japan, they managed to shot a short film focusing on the Minami “Jump Course”. This is a great display of what Team Drift Motorsport are capable of behind the wheel and have a hell of a lot of fun doing so!

Ebisu Circuit is a well established race complex in Japan. The complex features 7 individual tracks plus 2 skid pan type circuits. The circuits are: Nishi, Kita, Higashi, Minami as well as Drift Land, the School Course, The Touge and KuruKuru Land. The most popular is the Minami or South course which is for D1 and other drifting events. The Higashi or East circuit features a 420 metre long main straight with 20 ground floor pit garages and is used mainly for grip events.

Designed and built by drift driver Nobushige Kumakubo, Ebisu Circuit is one of the premier drifting-based tracks in the world. However, Nobushige also holds other motorsport events there including Endurance Races, FJ1600 Races and in previous years events like “Big-X”. Check out this short drift movie and find out how one of our favorite couples, Team Drift Motorsport NZ are keeping the romance alive! 🙂