“The Amputator”, a crazy and wicked V8 lawn mower!

The Amputator-A powerful V8 Lawnmower!!

If you own a house with a lawn, at some point you’re gonna want to have “The Amputator”!!! Even though this isn’t the first custom V8 lawnmower we have seen, we are pretty amazed by it. It is unique and highly functional.

The one who decided to make this lawnmower drivable is Scottie, an ocker who loves V8 engines. The engine extends the front end of the power a bit but what’s interesting is how easy Scottie controls it. We thought it would be quite difficult to control that power with the small steering area and the limited foot space but he’s not struggling at all. It a very interesting mower and we’d love to try it out sometimes.

Check it out Scottie!