The Auto Firm, a successful family owned and operated business!

the auto firmThe Auto Firm, family owned – family operated! You want exactly these guys to customize your ride! This company is about personalizing the worlds finest automobiles. They’re specialized in custom wheels, rims, aerodynamic kits and body kits for your automobile. They’re based in Miami, Florida. The owner is a Miami native named Alex Vega, and he has quite a story to tell about how he got this far. Vega now helps celebrities of all kinds acquire luxury cars that cost as much as a small home.

The Auto Firm, a successful family owned and operated business!

“Spring is when business gets the craziest because everybody wants to show up with something new. I’m already getting calls. I’m already preparing cars”, says Vega. The front room of the Auto Firm is decorated with signed jerseys from baseball clients like Cespedes, Jose Abreu and Nelson Cruz, with some of the jerseys including messages addressed to Vega. Most of his clients are baseball players and rappers, but there are all kinds of celebrities and some very rich, but not very famous people.

His love of cars started when he watched his father work as a Firestone salesman. He hoped someday a customer would bring in a car as cool as the ones he saw on television — the Ford Gran Torino from “Starsky & Hutch”, the “General Lee”, or the talking car from “Knight Rider”. He too got a job at Firestone during last year of high school. At first he was changing tires, but then he got promoted as a salesman. In his late 20’s he opened his first workshop, and slowly he worked his way into Miami’s wealthy elite. Nowadays Vega is enjoying a celebrity status himself. His Instagram account has 425,000 followers. The logo for his brand Avorza (a blending of his initials and the word Forza) appears in music videos. When a celebrity guest isn’t hanging around the garage, Vega is often on his phone, taking calls for new cars and clients. Check out this super cool commercial for the Auto Firm!