The best 2015 Ford Mustangs exhibited at SEMA 2014!!

10 minutes of heaven 2015 Ford Mustangs at SEMA!

At SEMA 2014, there were so many 2015 Ford Mustangs exhibited at the Ford exhibit, that they literally had their own show, and of course won the award “Car of the year” again! Mustangs are mean and powerful rides. Most of them take the cake wherever they go, even at the most prestigious auto show.

So, what we have here is a compilation of the hottest Mustangs shown at this widely popular auto show. The Ford exhibit is busy as always because, of course, there is a lot to see there. In the video you can see the best of the best like Roush Performance, Mustang GT Petty Edition (by Petty’s Garage), Mustang GT Convertible “Outlaw” by Classic Designs Concept and lots of other beauties.

Enjoy the video!