The Death Star – a 1954 Corvette ZR-1 LS9, inspired by STAR WARS!


This is a 1954 Corvette ZR-1 LS9  also known as The Death Star.

This Corvette was destined for the scrap yard, but it fell into the right hands at the right time. The owner Tony Tesoro decided that this car deserves restoration, therefore project Death Star begun. The inspiration for the name is obvious, The Star Wars saga!

The Death Star is built on a custom chasis with a C6 front suspension, features C6 Corvette ZR1 engine with a supercharged LS9 setup from Gm, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, fiberglass hood and can easily produce over 600 Hp!

Now I bet you wouldn’t leave this in the junkyard!!

Check it out!!