The Fab Fours Legend – A showstopping Jeep Wrangler!

Jeep WranglerJeep Wrangler

The Fab Fours Legend is a radical vehicle that offers various opportunities to test what the public likes. Because even if this Jeep is not for everyone it has one unique characteristic – It’s different. The chief executive Greg Higgs, at first, wanted to build a Jeep that retains its factory suspension but could still ride on 44-ich tires.

The Fab Fours Legend – A showstopping Jeep Wrangler!

He created the vehicle’s fenders on paper and his staff helped him to bring the sketch to reality. Actually that’s what’s considered over the top – the fenders, at least according to Higgs. The red-lighted accents and the red-trimmed windows are stunning! Also check out those huge tires and the red wheels!

After all, it takes a lot for a vehicle to be considered a showstopper at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show.