Flame spitting RC car with anti-lag is going sideways!

Flame spitting RC carFlame spitting RC car!

Chances are that many of you have wondered about the sound that some rally cars make when nearing a corner at decreasing speed. Well, the anti-lag technique, in short, allows the turbocharged engine to bring the lag of the turbo to its minimum in some situations. This “lag” is actually the time that the turbocharger need to reach its full potential and since these technologies are usually noisy, they are almost always fitted to rally cars.

Flame spitting RC car like a real sport car!

But, what do you get when you equip an RC car with anti-lag? The answer is a flame-spitting machine that can go sideways without any problems whatsoever. It’s weird but, it’s pretty damn cool!

This Little RC Car Has Anti Lag!!!! Freaking Awesome!!!!

Posted by Studio P Innovations on Saturday, 26 December 2015