The Ford Mustang Mach 2, the mid-engined pony car that almost was!


Let’s take a moment to reminisce of The Ford Mustang Mach 2 concept, the mid-engined pony car that almost was! This concept made its debut at the 1967 Chicago Auto Show and featured a great deal of off-the-shelf Mustang components, including its front suspension, front and rear brakes, and most notably the 289 cubic inch V8 engine, except here it was placed behind the driver. Ford’s design chief at the time was Gene Bordinat who was tasked with taking the successful car’s styling, in the mid-1960s, and rearranging into a mid-engine sports car. The inspiration came from the GT race cars that could have served as a Cobra replacement.


The Mach II should have made it to production. It had everything going for it, including great looks, exceptional stability and speed. But, once again, it was not to be. Some have conjectured that part of the reason was that the public linked the mid-engine configuration with the notorious Corvair. This is an unfair comparison, as the vehicle that Ralph Nader killed was actually a rear-engine job. Nonetheless, after a brief moment of car show glory the Mustang-that-almost-made-it was mothballed by the suits. With no Ford two-seater, the Corvette went on to become America’s premier two-seat sports car, a title it retains to this day.