The Hulk Chevy Nova – The beast just got angry!!!

The Hulk Chevy NovaThe Hulk Chevy Nova 2500HP 1967 – when you hear about a 1967 Chevy Nova that gives out 2500, you immediately get all curious.

The Rocky Mountain Race Week always has something out of the ordinary to offer. Great cars and racers are always part of the deal and this time, we get to see the Incredible Hulk but the one in our automotive world. Yes, it is as beastly as the original one.

The Hulk Chevy Nova is actually a nickname for a 2500HP 1967 Chevy Nova. It suits it well as it has been so muscled up that there is no other out there that has the “power” to beat this mean fighter. As the hero, this is the one that beats it all.

The Hulk Chevy Nova with 2500hp is something to admire!

The shining paint job is magnificent as well as that engine that packs 2500 HP- more than enough to win pretty much anything. Surprisingly, The Hulk Chevy Nova weights around 1350 pounds – not too much for a race car, is it?

The first thing that will catch your eye, except for the wonderfully done paint job are the twin turbo chargers mounted on the engines. Don’t be scare, this 2500HP 1967 Chevy Nova Hulk is not the “biting” type. We’re talking about large twin 88m turbo chargers that place an incredible amount of air pressure that it is almost too good to be true. Wait until you see the burnout. The Hulk Chevy Nova video below! Enjoy.