The roaring 540 whp 1974 Mazda REPU’s shenanigans!


We all remember the small pickups of the 1970’s like Ford Courier, Chevy LUV, Datsun and so on, however, at that time, only a few knew that Mazda actually created a one-of-a-kind rotary powered pickup. So, the REPU, short for Rotary PickUp, quickly became the life of the party back then and is still among the most wanted rides for those who are interested in paying a bit more attention to them.

What we have here is a video that catches a 1974 Mazda REPU launching and drifting and the ride is just epic to say the least. It makes 500+ whp and has a T55 turbo that pushed 25+psi. All that, and the whole thing weighs 2,500lbs. The sound of this thing will give you goose bumps as soon as it reaches your ears. It’s just what power to weight ratio is all about.