The sad story of Stanley Meyer, inventor of the “water fuel cell”!

Stanley MeyerStanley Meyer

This is the sad story of the American inventor named Stanley Meyer. He came up with a fully functioning engine system that was capable of fully powering automobiles with any kind of water you would have given. It was called “the water fuel cell” and it could enable the car to run purely on water. He started working on the project in 1975, a year after the end of the Arab oil embargo, which resulted in high gas prices, gas pump lines and anxiety among people.

The sad story of Stanley Meyer, inventor of the “water fuel cell”!

Unfortunately, in 1998, only a day after presenting his work to the Pentagon, Meyer dies at the age of 58. His brother claimed that during a meeting with two Belgian investors in a restaurant, Meyer suddenly ran outside, saying “They poisoned me”. After an investigation, the Grove City police went with the Franklin County coroner report that ruled that Meyer, who had high blood pressure, died of a cerebral aneurysm. Meyer’s supporters continued to claim that he was assassinated in order to suppress his inventions! So far, no manufacturer succeeded to incorporate his work.