The well known 1955 Ford Thunderbird hittin’ the road!

1955 Ford Thunderbird1955 Ford Thunderbird

The today well known 1955 Ford Thunderbird was unveiled at the 1955 Detroit Auto Show. It included a removable fiberglass top; the engine was 292 Y-block V8 and had fender skirts. The Thunderbird was a definition of personal luxury in America and won the hearts of many customers.

Now, 60 years later this car’s perfect combination of ability and beauty still shines on the road. The hitter box was pulled out; the fenders have been sized down and rolled back. Anything that was dysfunctional was removed and modified to save weight, except for the cage. The driving of the car is difficult because of the low platform but the open road is still a solution. The T-Bird is really fast!

The well known 1955 Ford Thunderbird hittin’ the road!

It’s a purpose built award winning street machine that was built in a time before resto-modding old cars was all the rage. It’s been in the same family for the better part of 50 years. Been modified with performance and weight savings in mind, and is one of the sleekest looking cars we’ve ever come across!

Hear what Big Muscle has to say about this beauty. I bet the ride is satisfying!