The wildest crossover of our time: The Nissan Juke-R and its mischiefs!


When a Nissan GTR is actually a fat-fendered piece of craziness with the face of a Nissan Juke, it’s no longer a Nissan GTR; it’s a Nissan Juke-R, the automotive Frankenstein project of our time. So, to put it differently, the Nissan Juke-R is an unholy marriage of the hair-on-fire GTR supercar and the funktomatic Juke crossover, meaning that under it’s a ride that has the GTR’s mechanicals. That’s right folks, this is the wildest and fastest crossover in the world that was made to conquer headlines, however, it’s way more than just a publicity stunt. The V6 power and the supercar’s electronic wizardry make sure that its performance matches its styling.

So, in this video here you’ll see the Nissan Juke-R managing itself on wet and slippery track while doing a bit of drifting, accelerating, and revving.

How does the fastest crossover compare to the real deal? In this video, the Juke-R and the crazy GTR are put through their paces: