This 2JZ Supra-powered E30 BMW M3 is capable of doing it all!


Taken straight out from purists nightmares, take a look at this wonderful E30 BMW M3 that has a big 2JZ Toyota Supra engine as it main power supply. If you see this ride, which is Vidar Jødah’s favorite pet, first thing you need to do is just get out of the way- it tears up everything that comes across. Also, this beauty has everything that you could wish for on a badass car.

It has tons of hard work put into it, it’s pretty fast, looks mean. This BMW is widely known for one special characteristic; it one of the best driver’s car that the world has met. If you start asking questions here and there you’ll come to see that the owners of this type of BMW prefer to keep their cars as close to the original specification as possible.
Try imagining a 2JZ-swapped BMW M3 ripping tires and pouring some serious smoke- now, see it happen!