This Duramax powered Chevrolet Colorado is everything!

Chevrolet ColoradoChevrolet Colorado

Check out this fearless Duramax powered Chevrolet Colorado! Here we have one of the first generation highly modified Chevy Colorado. It has 6.6 liter V8 turbo-diesel engine, which is built by ‘The Diesel Shop’. The engine produces amazing 660HP and that is equal to 1,125lb-ft of torque.

This Duramax powered Chevrolet Colorado is everything!

On the other lane, we have a Nissan GT-R running E-85 V6 with full bolt-ons, and just to mention this car produces 500hp at minimum. In the video, they will race, and the winner will be decided after three rounds. In the first round, the truck gets the hit, but in the second round there was a little overturn.

Watch the video and see what kind of revenge in the third round the “little” Chevy presents. So, place your bets between the diesel V8 and the ethanol-powered V6 Nissan, and find out who won.