This extremely fun thing is called “Track hoe boarding”!!!


This extremely fun thing is called “Track hoe boarding”, and it is the most awesome thing you could try till the end of the summer. Once again, we have Devinsupertramp and his adrenaline thirsty bodies who risk their lives all the time in the name of good fun and good extreme sports videos!

Well, since wakeboarding behind a motorboat is too mainstream, try an excavator! This one in the video is a John Deere G-Series truck powered by a PowerTech PVS 6.8-liter engine that’s producing 159 HP.D It’s a little bit extreme but, if you want to improvise you may like it. That’s what this crew did and as you will see these guys really know how to have fun! Instead of heading to the beach, they decided to mix it up a little, so they took it to the water with the help of a track hoe. Check it out!