This is “B”, the cool flying car/drone from Expendables 3!


This is “B”, the cool flying car/drone from Expendables 3! B is a revolutionary new remote controlled hybrid car-quadcopter with a patented design. On flat surfaces B can reach high speeds using its rear wheel drive. Due to its large wheel diameter of 210 mm it achieves outstanding performance in driving across difficult terrain. As the obstacles become too big, simply take-off and fly over them.

B is a model that provides an extraordinary experience. B is virtually unstoppable, capable of transitioning between ground and air allowing the development of tricks otherwise impossible to achieve.

Basically, for now B is just a toy, but in the future it might become a full scale vehicle. Currently it’s protected by patent pending. The patentable aspect of the design is called PDU (Propelling Driving Unit). The mechanism can be described as any part of the propeller going through the vertical plane of the driving ring (such as a wheel or a caterpillar track). B utilizes 4 wheel based PDUs, but this can vary in design such as 3, 4, 6, etc… therefore a family of similar models could be designed in the future.

Just imagine the future possibilities! Check out “B” the flying hybrid in action!