This Quad-Turbo 2JZ Nissan Silvia is one powerful drift weapon!


When you take one Nissan Silvia, fit it with a 2JZ engine, and strap 4 turbos on, everyone goes crazy. There were even people that believed this design was fake but, can you blame them?! Well, I believe that a quad-turbo Silvia is just insane enough for the time being.

First thing first; to get things straight we need to be clear that this is not a  quad turbo setup like on a Veyron, though it works in a similar way. This is actually a custom compound setup in which two smaller turbos are getting the action going, and two bigger ones are taking over the work at higher speed.

Another thing that’s also kind of incredible is the information that the creator of this mad Sivlia is planning on putting a 5th turbocharger in the picture. Let that sink in for a moment. The footage below captures the car’s first run with the insane setup; trying to tune it while putting on a show- good thinking guys!