Thrilling: 500HP rally car drifting on an ice lake!

470042 It’s a rally car on an ice lake. Is this some kind of a new winter sport here? Usually, ice and snow are detriments to motorsports however, everyone know they are fun to “play” with. But, car racing is enough dangerous as it is so, adding frozen water to it doesn’t actually sit well with drivers.

Well, these folks here aren’t those drivers. The Wide Open Drift Team just had an amazing idea to go out with their Lexus IS300 and put those 500HP on a frozen lake. Reportedly, the temperature was -22 Celsius and they did used up those tires quite well.

Finally, we really think that you’ll love the idea of being pulled along by a race car on a frozen lake while taking a nap on a sofa. It has to be a thrill.