Titanic’s Sinking Sequence – How It Happened!

Titanic's Sinking SequenceTitanic’s Sinking Sequence

RMS Titanic was a British passenger ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning of 15 April 1912. Only four days into the ship’s maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City, the ship collided with an iceberg, which resulted in the deaths of more than 1,500 people, making it one of the deadliest commercial disasters in modern history.

What was considered the largest passenger liner in service at the time, Titanic had an estimated 2,224 people on board.

Titanic’s Sinking Sequence – How It Happened!

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen James Cameron’s 1997 mega hit Titanic, but if you haven’t, go see it now, it’s a must see. James Cameron and a group of experts made a CGI sequence for the National Geographic of how they believe the Titanic sank and reached the ocean floor!

Check it out!