Top 10 failed attempts – When drifting goes wrong!!!

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Most of the people who are into cars are just ridiculously into drifting- it’s just the wait it goes. Now, you can be crazy about going sideways but that doesn’t mean that you’re good at it. Yep, it’s time for all the wannabe drifting maestros to face the truth- you are not Ken Block people. The chances are that you’ll probably end up in a video that’s all about drift fails.

Top 10 failed!

All jokes aside, we love when people are trying their best at what they love but, there have to be unsuccessful attempts in any imaginable field. So, here we have a compilation of the 10 most epic fails when it comes to drifting, probably of all time. These drifting attempts have definitely gone wrong so, enjoy the “action” folks!¬†Top 10 failed video below!