Top 10 luckiest drivers of Nürburgring – Nordschleife in 2016!

Top 10 luckiest drivers.Top 10 luckiest drivers of Nürburgring – Nordschleife in 2016! Nürburgring is a 150,000-capacity motorsports complex located in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It features a Grand Prix race track built in 1984, and a much longer old “North loop” track. The latter was built in the 1920s around the village and medieval castle of Nürburg in the Eifel mountains.

Top 10 luckiest drivers of Nürburgring – Nordschleife in 2016!

Since its opening in 1927, the track has been used by the public for the so-called “Touristenfahrten,” i.e. anyone with a road-legal car or motorcycle, as well as tour buses, motor homes, or cars with trailers. It is opened mainly on Sundays, but also many Saturdays and weekday evenings. The track may be closed for weeks during the winter months, depending on weather conditions and maintenance work. Passing on the right is prohibited, and some sections have speed limits.

Nürburgring is a popular attraction for many driving enthusiasts and riders from all over the world, partly because of its history and the challenge it provides. The lack of oncoming traffic and intersections sets it apart from regular roads, and the absence of a blanket speed limit is a further attraction.

However, the track’s general conditions state that any form of racing, including speed record attempts, is forbidden. The driver’s insurance coverage may consequently be voided, leaving the driver fully liable for damage.

Drivers who have crashed into the barriers, suffered mechanical failure or been otherwise required to be towed off track during Touristenfahrten sessions are referred to as having joined the ‘Bongard Club’. This nickname is derived from the name of the company which operates the large yellow recovery flatbed trucks which ferry those unfortunate drivers and their vehicles to the nearest exit.

Luckily, these top 10 luckiest drivers are not joining the ‘Bongard Club’ because they were very fortunate and close to crashing, but they didn’t. Check out this top 10 luckiest drivers of Nürburgring – Nordschleife compilation!