Top future trucks and buses to change the future of automotive industry

Top future trucksTop future trucks and buses that will change your opinion of the future of the automotive industry.

1.Mercedes-Benz 2025

The Mercedez Benz of the future is a self-driving truck that’s going to blow your mind. But be that as it may, Mercedez still decided to plant a human being behind the wheel. You know, just in case. The most important point, about this truck of the future, however, is to improve safety and economize fuel. Perfect combination, isn’t it?

2.Walmart advanced truck

The WAVE, also known as the Wal-Mart Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck, is something else. It is a result of the collaboration of 22 international companies that had one goal in mind. The Walmart advanced truck will reduce 55% fuel consumption over long routes and 41% over shorter routes. Well, at least that’s what its inventors say.

3.Mercedes-Benz future bus

Do you want to know what urban public transport will look like in the future? Well, you better take a look at Mercedes-Benz future bus. It is comfortable, safe, and efficient. Moreover, this is a bus that’s all about technology and giving people what they need.

Top future trucks and buses to change the future of automotive industry

4.Willie transparent LCD bus

The Willie transparent LCD bus is not that different from a regular bus, except for its “organic” frame. This frame is supposed to create “an impression of restless energy that will cut through the surface of the glass”. However, we highly believe that the LCD screens on the Willie will be used to display advertisements rather than anything else.

5.Freightliner Inspiration truck

The Freightliner inspiration truck looks like another tricked out American semi. How did it get on the list of top future trucks?  Well, this truck has a computer hardware and a complex suite of sensors, making it a  certified Level 3 autonomous vehicle.

6.Transit Elevated Bus

The Transit Elevated Bus, in short TEB, is a new bus concept that is quite unique. This bus is meant to straddle above road traffic and that’s why people also call it the straddling or tunnel bus. Given the fact that the TEB  will straddle above traffic it will run along a fixed route.  What makes it even more extraordinary is that its passenger compartment has the width of two traffic lanes. In this way, they believe that the number of traffic jams will reduce.

Top future trucks7.Iveco Z truck

The Iveco Z truck is the truck of the future that explores new technologies, automated driving and alternative energy. The “Z” stands for “Zero”; zero accidents, zero CO2 emissions, zero waste, and zero stress.

The low viscosity engine oils, aerodynamics, and other systems do contribute to fuel efficiency. However, in reality, the accurate term will be “near zero”. The Iveco Z truck improves fuel efficiency by 37%. Maybe it won’t become reality but it should inspire the next generation of trucks.

8.Navya Arma minibus

The Navya Arma minibus is a public transport vehicle that is 100% autonomous and electric. It can travel up to 45 km/h and carry up to 15 people, without a driver. The Navya Arma is a result of ten years of hard work and research to bring out the best of autonomous technology.

Check out the top future trucks of the future in the video below!