Top Truck Challenge! Dirty, Muddy, Extreme!

Top Truck ChallengeTop Truck Challenge

The Four Wheeler magazine’s Top Truck Challenge is one of the hottest and dirtiest, muddiest events out there! It’s amazing how all of these monster trucks have all these different kinds of terrains, and obstacles to surpass. The┬ácompetitors are selected by the Four Wheeler magazine readers and they come from Canada and the U.S. Believe me, these people exceed their own expectations!

Top Truck Challenge! Dirty, Muddy, Extreme!

There are eight challenge events that are designed to push the trucks and the drivers to their limits: the Tank Trap, the Hill-climb, the Obstacle Course, the Trail Fix, the Mini-rubicon, the Tow Test, the Mud Pit and the Frame Twister. And every single one of them is pure adrenaline madness!

Check out these custom built monster trucks from the Top-Truck Challenge 2013 and the obstacles they are trying to overcome.