Towing trailers and trailer weight distribution – everything you need to know!

Towing trailersTowing trailers and simply driving a car is not the same. They may look similar but, when it comes to towing trailer, there are a lot of little details that need immediate attention. If you are preparing to haul a trailer, you better brush up on the basics before something more serious happens.

Even those who do have some experience with towing trailers know that there are more things to it. Surely, it has happened to those who have tried – their trailer is doing a lazy samba behind the vehicle. Suddenly, you panic as you drive down the highway. The trailer is swaying side to side and is likely to intrude into the neighboring lanes.

Thus, you think that you will probably lose control over it and who knows what will happen next. You are confused as you know that you haven’t made any significant changes when you left. Maybe you just filled the camper’s water tank or load the rear with luggage. But, it’s really not that simple, when it comes to hauling a trailer. You really need to think things through before you even think of towing trailers.

Towing trailers and trailer weight distribution – everything you need to know!

Towing trailersAs a previously mentioned, even minor details can make profound changes in the stability. Towing trailers requires a lot of things, thus, you need to take everything into consideration, especially the weight distribution. If you are to pull a very large load when towing trailers, you need to know a few details first.

The weight distribution system works in a peculiar way. To understand it fully, you need to familiarize yourself with 2 simple terms. The first one is GTW or gross trailer weight. It represents the total weight on the trailer, including fuel, cargo and anything else you’ve got there. The second term, on the other hand, is tongue weight. This one represents that part of the load that is far forward in the trailer. In addition, it presses down on the hitch.

In the video below, you’ll see how it actually works and how important is the weight distribution when it comes to towing trailers. Check it out!