Toyota Hilux – Perfect drifting machine!!!

Toyota Hilux!Toyota Hilux  – is it a good candidate for going sideways?

The Toyota Hilux isn’t available in the US but, keeping up with the latest news is never a bad idea. The 2016 Hilux was recently unveiled in Thailand, Sydney and Bangkok and despite our jealousy about the rest of the world getting a piece of this great compact pickup we stumbled upon this video.

Low riding Toyota Hilux is a drifting machine

As pretty much anyone in this world, we supposed that a lowered pickup truck isn’t the first choice or a great candidate when it comes to drifting. Luckily, we were very wrong; this Hilux is the best of the best there. Shot at the 2014 V 4 & Rotary North Island Jamboree, New Zealand, the Engineered to Slide Hilux, with Nigel Petrie behind the wheel, everyone saw what it’s made of.

Nigel himself was the one that build it from the ground up. As he was an owner of both a Hilux and a drift car, he got a crazy idea to combine the two and make a functional drift-capable ride.