The first all electronic drift Toyota Prius in the world!!!

Toyota PriusThe Toyota Prius has been in the center of some unusual activities lately but, we may get to know the most radical of them all. Meet the Toyota Prius, the drift-prepared and all-electronic ride, dreamed up by the organizers of D1 Grand Prix. Primarily, it was designed to put emphasis on the harmony that can exist between environmentalism and motorsports however, turning it into a tire-smoking machine is kind of a huge transformation.

Toyota Prius – First electronic drift car!

The car made its sideways debut atĀ  2015 Tokyo Auto Salon. People have been wondering if the engine on this thing was changed; well, the engine is the same 1.8-litre petrol engine but, the battery was the part that was exchanged with a more powerful one. The combination now deliversĀ  590lb/ft torque through the rear wheels.Yes, because of the whole conversion process the Prius is now a RWD.