Toyota Sprinta AE86 high-speed drifting across 4 lanes of traffic!


The act of drifting itself is highly risky, but is it a good idea to make it even more dangerous and put other lives in danger too?

This drifter was caught on dashcam, high-speeding and weaving dangerously through Melbourne traffic. Australia has definitely never seen such barbaric behavior as they put it. The driver that caught this whole action on his dashcam is a truckie and from what we can see in the video, he was pretty petrified when he saw what was happening.

From the footage we can see that the Toyota first goes on the right-hand lane and then deliberately drits across four lanes, going back and forth across West Gate Bridge. However, the AE86 wasn’t alone. Right behind it a red Nissan Silvia S13 can be seen, with a passenger’s hand out of the window filming the action.

The stunt was clearly planned well, as there are no number plates on the Toyotan nor the Nissan and the drivers’ faces can’t be seen. If you’re interested in the entire story, check out the video below: