Trailer Mover XXL allows one person to move a 20-ton trailer

Trailer Mover XXLTrailer Mover XXL is a specially developed trailer that you can use to move trailers up to 20 tons. It is literally amazing to see the Trailer Mover XXL in action. The company that developed this magnificent trailer is called the Verhagen Leiden.

According to them, this Trailer Mover XXL can ideally serve as a substitute for ground / terminal tractors. In addition to its usefulness,you don’t need a license to operate the Trailer Mover XXL.

The Netherlands-based outfit  started with providing industrial cleaning equipment to different companies. Apparently, some of their work included moving heavy things around as part of keeping the operations tidy. and their lots organized. Normally, the way to move trailers is to have a licensed driver and a lot of time to do it. Instead of doing that, the company developed this ingenious thing.

Trailer Mover XXL allows one person to move a 20-ton trailer

Trailer Mover XXLThe Trailer Mover XXL runs on battery power and an electric motor.As you can see in the video below, the trailer comes with a horn, an emergency stop and some type of anti-tipping mechanism. Thus,the benefits that come with the Trailer Mover XXL is huge. Companies that use it need only one unlicensed employee that can operate it. It saves up money and time – two things that people mostly cherish nowadays.

I assume that the one operating it still needs a good grasp of geometry and physics so to safety move the trailer around. But overall, it seems pretty safe. According to the company it tires that prove to be solid even in extreme conditions and the batteries allow for a very long running time. In addition, it features all the safety equipment that you can ask for in a trailer. Check it out in action! Click on the video below!