Trans Am and GTO Judge built on Camaro bodies! Wow!


Check out these Trans Am and GTO Judge that were built on Camaro bodies! Just Wow! These are the new 2010/11 Camaros that have been completely customized by the talented gentlemen at OTTO body shop in Nebraska. These works of art will bring out the boy in any real american car lover. Hats off to these guys and their vision.

These two Camaros that have been converted to resemble the old school Trans Am, and GTO Judge. While these are custom done, the conversion kits will likely be mass produced for the general public in the future if it hasn’t already been done. The Chevy Camaro-based Pontiac, painted in Carousel Red, was designed by Trans Am Depot designer, Kevin Morgan. It was designed to honor one of the best muscle cars in the history and we have to say that folks at Trans Am Depot really did a good job. Check it out!