Tree branch ends up impaled in a biker’s cheek after a horror crash!!!

Tree branchTree branch and a motorcyclist with a bad luck. Now, that had to hurt!
At first, all we can see is an adrenaline junkie speeding across rough terrain on a motocross bike. Suddenly, the wheels skid on loose rocks and we can clearly see that as the rider loses control, he slams his hear straight into the ground. Unfortunately, he does that with an exposed cheek that landed on a sharp tree branch. That piece of wood, which is probably (at least) one inch thick, pierced the skin of his jaw and got deep inside the poor rider’s mouth.

Tree branch ends up impaled in a biker’s cheek after a horror crash

Only seconds after the terrifying crash, we can see a fellow dirt biker, his father, coming to assistance. The rider then removes the helmet and uses the camera to show the wound on his face. According to the rider, the branch had to stay 4 hours on his face as he rode back the rocky terrain and waited for surgery, due to the fact that it wasn’t possible to pull it out. Medics had to cut his cheek open to remove the wood and use 24 stitches to close the wound.

Luckily the rider has full muscle function, however, he lost feeling in that area. Well, it could have gone far worse – check out the accident!