TT01 drifting session is on the loose – This is how RCs roll

TT01 driftingTT01 drifting is nothing new yet, it is one of the most amazing actions in this world? Why? Well, first of all these little things that are on fire here are RCs. Thus, the whole thing immediately becomes way more cooler. Let’s not forget those who don’t enjoy risking their lives while doing crazy stuff with their vehicles. TT01 drifting is not as the same as going sideways with a full-size car but, it’s still close enough.

TT01 drifting refers to the already well-known Tamiya shaft-driven RC chassis. This is one of the most popular chassis, especially when it comes to rallying and drifting with these little bundles of fun. Furthermore, the TT01 is a relatively light weight plastic chassis that makes the RCs go crazy, meaning that with it, they can do some insane things down there.

TT01 drifting session is on the loose – This is how RCs roll

TT01 driftingUnfortunately, we don’t have any additional info on this TT01 drifting madness, nor something on the RC. Though, it’s really interesting to see the TT01 machines drifting and showing off, on the so-called track. Just try to do half of these things in a full-size car and consider the risk.

However, in a scale model, the results are epic and everything is pretty much safe. Additionally, it makes the action look as cool as the real thing would. Enjoy the RC drifting action!