Tuerck and Forsberg go against each other in the most ecstatic drifting game ever!


“Tuerck’d” is a special kind of series. There, the famous drifter Ryan Tuerck along with his fellow Hoonigans try and push the creative boundaries of DIY drift scenes. Yes, this  kind of series is the first of its kind and it shows the drift lifestyle outside the well-known Formula Drift series and we love it!

So, in this episode Tuerck challenges Chris Forsberg, his fellow Drift Alliance driver to a GAME OF DRIFT. Starting from barrel tap and drift kickball, to double dare drift, pinball drift and some other outrageous challenges they compete until one man is out of the game, and that’s the first person who spells “DRIFT” (one gets a letter every time he loses a challenge). Insanely fun- check it out!