Turbo diesel motorcycle – a unique AWD beast of two wheels

turbo Diesel motorcycleTurbo diesel motorcycle is a result of some hard work done by a person who knew how to use a welder at the tender age of 12. The name of that person is Sam Turner and he lives is Atlanta, Georgia. Considering the fact that he father taught him some pretty handy stuff when he was younger, he started to build things at a very young age.

Now, he is a skilled diesel technician who collided two worlds and built this turbo diesel motorcycle. Furthermore, his custom bike has an 840cc 20hp direct injection V-twin diesel engine. Additionally, all this is complemented with 2  RHB31 turbochargers.

Turbo diesel motorcycle – an unique AWD beast of two wheels

turbo Diesel motorcycle

Sam’s primary idea wasn’t really affordable and that’s why he decided to go for a twin-turbo setup. Thus, he switched to a hydrostatic system and solved the problem. He put on  Parker hydraulic hoses, Carrara 400lb coilover shocks, 2 Airmaaxx 2500lb airbags and an Airmaxx 12-volt compressor.

Moreover, the turbo diesel features a Jerrycans that serves as a fuel tank, 2.5 gallon air tanks and measures at 11-feet and 3-inches. In addition, Sam converted a 5.56mm ammo box into a battery case. The result is a bike that can fit in with the likes of Mad Max. Check it out!

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