Turbo Hayabusa to break the 300mph barrier in the standing line

Turbo HayabusaTurbo Hayabusa that will blow your mind.

Yes, we’ve seen Hayabusas fitted with turbo that produce immense power ( at least for a bike) but, this is next level play. Hass-Serafini Racing made sure that their turbo Hayabusa stands out from the crowd both in appearance and horsepower. That’s some serious work there and we’ll glad that someone is willing to do so in order for amazing results.

The Hayabusa that these two built is everything but mundane; it features a compound turbo system. Even if you don’t know what a compound turbo system actually means you are bound to get interested when you hear that it produces 564 hp.

The basic idea of such system sounds fairly simple. There are two turbos, usually different in size, that work together to produce boost. This differes from the usual; most twin turbos work independently.  However here, one feeds the other before sending that boost to the engine. The first and foremost benefit of this system is that it dramatically reduces things such as turbo lag.

Turbo Hayabusa with a compound system produces monstrous power

Turbo HayabusaNow, Hass-Serafini Racing aren’t planning to finish their art and call the day. This turbo Hayabusa is supposed to be the first motorcycle to break the 300 mph barrier ( the standing line ). Well, if you’re even a bit into it, you know that this sounds absolutely bonkers. 150 mph on a superbike will blow you away considering the “tunnel vision” you’ll likely experience. Doubling that is just insane. But, that’s why I’m writing and not riding.

Moreover, this turbo Hayabusa just looks one-of-a-kind. You don’t have to know what it is capable of doing to stare at it for a while. It’s impossible not to notice the huge turbo set up instead of the headlight. You’ll immediately start wondering how things will turn out when the engine starts working.

Luckily, we are able to see what the turbo Hayabusa will do on the dyno. We’re talking about 564 hp on a 650 lbs bike; it just has to be seen how in the world can someone get that power to the ground. You can check how everything went in the video below. Hass-Serafini Racing still haven’t passed the testing phase; they haven’t even set a date when they will attempt the unimaginable. Be that as it may, we’ll just have to wait and see.