Turbo Rocket Bunny FR-S, proudly roaming the streets!

turbo rocket bunnyTurbo Rocket Bunny FR-S, proudly roaming the streets! There is nothing old about the ride you see here. This is the freshest and at the same time one of the most extreme aesthetic treatments the new-gen 86 has received. Technically speaking this is actually a Scion FR-S, a turbo rocket bunny pushing 11b’s of boost. A beautiful example of what a well built and put together rocket bunny kit, that brings the car together with a perfect mix of performance and beauty.

Turbo Rocket Bunny FR-S, proudly roaming the streets!

This custom Scion FR-S belongs to internet star Connor Aigner! Growing up as a kid, Connor’s father was into cars. He worked at Toyota for most of his life, so cars came naturally to him. When the FRS first came out, he knew it was the car that he wanted to get. His father was ecstatic about the new model since there wasn’t a car similar to this in some time.

He originally planned to have it be a daily driver for a while, and thought the car looked pretty cool enough already in it’s stock form so he wouldn’t have to do anything to it. As aftermarket parts started to come out for the car, he couldn’t stop getting more and more parts for a vision of what he wanted it to look like in his head.

Connor worked with his father over the course of 3 years and they created the car as it is today! Check out this video of this extraordinary turbo rocket bunny!!