Turbocharged Volvo spanked the hell out of the opponents at Pikes Peak!!!

turbocharged VolvoTurbocharged Volvo, that’s a real notorious threat to anyone who defies its true power, is ready for some action.

What is drag racing all about? First of all, it’s an interesting way to have fun with the most powerful cars that come to existence. Second, it’s a reason to get yourself into the garage and work some magic on your vehicle. Nevertheless, there are people out there who take this way more seriously than that. Of course, such is the case with the turbocharged Volvo we’re checking out today.

The race is taking place at the Pikes Peak Airstrip. Needless to say, this is a side-by-side competition and the turbocharged Volvo rocked its world.

Turbocharged Volvo spanked the hell out of the opponents at Pikes Peak!!!

All that you need to know before watching the video is that this turbocharged Volvo spanked the hell out of the opponents at Pikes Peak. Naturally, there are no easy opponents when it comes to such a contest. It’s all about showcasing the power your vehicle has – there is no backing down. Moreover, you are there to show everyone else, despite the show goers, that you got some skills on your own. The competition is real and everyone is pretty much a threat to the throne. Well, we’re talking Lambos and Vettes here going against what you have.

When you see this 600HP turbocharged Volvo, it doesn’t seem much. At first glance it is just a Volvo that’s try-harding the hell out of this little game with its LSX motor. However, wait until you see what the turbocharged Volvo can actually do. We promise that it will blow your mind.

Is it fun to watch a 600 HP turbocharged Volvo spanking a a 800hp S/C Corvette, a 735Hp Mirage, or even a 900HP S/C C7 Vette? You bet it is. What’s even more impressive is that the turbocharged Volvo isn’t even struggling to do so. It’s a piece of cake for that machine to embarrass its opponents one by one. In addition, it’s even more interesting for us to watch it do what it does best.

You think a Volvo isn’t good enough to make the drag strip tremble? We beg to differ – check it out!