Twin turbo Chevelle as one of the best builds we’ve ever seen

twin turbo ChevelleTwin turbo Chevelle isn’t something that we haven’t seen so far. Of course, every build is amazing but, some just can’t hide from the spotlight. Such is the case with this twin turbo Chevelle.

What do you do when there isn’t enough space in the engine bay? You re-route, tuck away and modify in any kind of way you think of just to get whatever power adder you were planning on to fit under the hood. Well, at least that what most people would do. Some just let the engine free and let it be, while some think of more innovative ways.

Twin turbo Chevelle as one of the best builds we’ve ever seen

twin turbo ChevelleIf you want to stuff a twin turbo, 1300hp+ big-block into a vehicle that you have found in a field, you can’t manage to hide it from the crowd. For example, this twin turbo Chevelle made a trip of Aussies pretty famous at the Drag Week. Once a car like this rolls up to the gates of the National Trail Raceway, there are going to be meltdowns and we know it.

If you haven’t seen this car so far, here are a few numbers you’ll love. Power comes from a 540ci that uses a Dart Big-M block, filled with rods, pistons, and crank. The most noticeable massive turbos are a pair of 72mm BW items. In addition, the twin turbo Chevelle features a Victor Jr EFI intake and elbow and  Edelbrock/Musi Victor CNC heads.

All of this equals 1300hp on the engine dyno with no intercooler. Yes, the set of twin turbos isn’t exactly traditional in its delivery. However, that’s what we really love about them despite the fact that they make the Chevelle look completely awesome.

This is what a show stopper looks like, folks! Check it out!

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